Xtreme Download Manager(xdman): Internet Download Manager(IDM) For Ubuntu

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6 Responses

  1. Azmi says:

    step 3 doesn’t work.they said, chmod: cannot access ‘xdman.sh’: no such file or directory.
    how can I resolve thi problem??

    • John Cobalt says:

      It based on your laptop (os) linux, if you active the format of files so you can use that particular bash script. If your laptop doesn’t show the format of files just use “xdman”

    • Tiwo says:

      The terminal already said “no such file or directory”. Make sure you in right (extracted xdman) directory

  2. Thouhedul Islam says:

    Same things for me. 3rd step is not working. I checked your step too, but still same. Any solution?

    • NextStep4it says:

      Hi ,

      Please try to run this command :

      $ sudo chmod o+x xdman

      I think it was a typo , remove “.sh” in 3rd & 4th Step.

  3. akansh says:

    The chrome extension is not working. Please check if its compatible.

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