Windows Interview Questions and Answers part 3

Q: – Where is GPT stored?


Q: – I run Microsoft Cluster Server and cannot install fault-tolerant DFS.

Yeah, you can’t. Install a standalone one.

Q: –Is Kerberos encryption symmetric or asymmetric?


Q: – Where exactly do fault-tolerant DFS shares store information in Active Directory?

In Partition Knowledge Table, which is then replicated to other domain controllers.

Q: –Can you use Start->Search with DFS shares?


Q: – You change the group policies, and now the computer and user settings are in conflict. Which one has the highest priority?

The computer settings take priority.

Q: –What problems can you have with DFS installed?

Two users opening the redundant copies of the file at the same time, with no file-locking involved in DFS, changing the contents and then saving. Only one file will be propagated through DFS.

Q: –How does Windows 2003 Server try to prevent a middle-man attack on encrypted line?

Time stamp is attached to the initial client request, encrypted with the shared key.

Q: –You want to set up remote installation procedure, but do not want the user to gain access over it. What do you do?

gponame–> User Configuration–> Windows Settings–> Remote Installation Services–> Choice Options is your friend.

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