Wallch ( Wallpaper Changer ) – Rotate Ubuntu Desktop Wallpapers



Wallch  is a  free and open-source Wallpaper Changer for Ubuntu Desktop. Wallch rotates desktop wallpapers from the set of favourite wallpapers at particular interval of time and keeps your desktop fresh and new.

Some of Common features are listed below:

  • Change Desktop Wallpapers on PC start-up
  • Change Desktop Wallpaper choosing images randomly
  • Change Desktop Wallpaper changing the images on random time
  • Desktop and sound notification when wallpaper changes
  • Live Earth Wallpaper
  • Taking Screenshot
  • History Logging
  • Features JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP support

Installation of Wallch in Ubuntu Linux

Method:1 Open the terminal terminal & use below apt-get command

# sudo apt-get install wallch

Method:2 Open the Synaptic Package Manager , search wallch as shown below :


Select wallch and Click on “Mark on Installation” & then click on Apply

How To Use wallch :

First Start the wallch and load some images as it is empty by default. You ca also set the time interval after which wallpaper will change.

In My case i have created a folder with name “Wallpaper” in my home directory and save of my favourite pictures in that folder and set one hour time interval for wallpaper rotation

Go To Applications —-> Accessories —> Wallch