Top 100 Linux Interview Questions

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  1. Abhi says:

    With Linux, lsmod can provide a list of modules and modinfo can give you a description of a module. If you get descriptions of all of the modules, you will see that most are drivers. But not all. If you make a list of the drivers that are modules you will be missing some drivers. That’s because some drivers are permanently built into the kernel without being encapsulated as a module.

    A driver talks to hardware or pretends to talk to hardware. Device files like /dev/tty or /dev/null exist so your program can interface with a driver.

    A module is a piece of a kernel that can be optionally loaded into the kernel.

  2. Raghawendra says:


    Thanks for providing the questions.

    Well appreciate, if you provide the answers to these questions..

  3. ravikumar says:

    Can you provide the answer for above will be helpful ..

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