Sybase Interview Questions & Answers part 2


Q: – What is ASA in Sybase?

ASA is a fully featured DBMS with transactional integrity, automatic rollback and recovery, declarative RI, triggers and stored procedures.

Q: – Does ASA Support Replication in Sybase?


Q: –What is the role of replication server in Sybase?

Replication Server moves transactions (insert, updates and deletes) at the table level from a source data server to one or more destination data servers.

Q: – What is an index key?

It is a column or set of columns in a table used to determine the order of index entries.

Q: – What is "Primary Key"?

A primary key is a key that is unique, non-null, and is part of the definition of a table. A table must have a primary key to be defined as a parent.

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