Sybase Interview Questions & Answers part 1


Q: – What is the difference of a LEFT JOIN and an INNER JOIN statement?

A LEFT JOIN will take ALL values from the first declared table and matching values from the second declared table based on the column the join has been declared on. An INNER JOIN will take only matching values from both tables.

Q: –What is Open Client in Sybase?

Open Client is the interface (API) between client systems and Sybase servers. Fundamentally, it comes in two forms:

The runtime version is a set of dynamic libraries (dlls on W32 platforms) that allow client applications to connect to Sybase and Microsoft servers, or, in fact, any server that implements the Tabular Data Streams (TDS) protocol. You need some form of Open Client in order to be able to connect to ASE in any way, shape or form. Even if you are running isql on exactly the same machine as ASE itself, communication will still be via Open Client. That is not to say that client to server communication on the same machine will go via the physical network, that decision is left entirely to the protocol implementation on the machine in question.

The development version contains all of the libraries from the runtime version, plus the header files and other files, library files etc, that enable developers to build client apps that are able to connect to Sybase servers.

Q: – Explain the benefits you can get from Mainframe connect?

These are the following benefits you can get from mainframe connect:

– Client applications can be enabled. External software’s can be connected to the mainframe connect for higher performance.
– Mainframe applications connect to external data through LAN.
– New applications can be created which enables you to connect to external data or source of information.

Q: – Explain about the Data integration suite features?

Data integration suite offers advanced development and management tools. Integration of data is very easy and efficient as you can navigate your data to a specified address without much difficulty. The five important features are ETL, Data federation, Replications, Real time events and search events.

Q: –When a query is sent to the database and an index is not being used, what type of execution is taking place?

A table scan.

Q: –What is an advantage to using a stored procedure as opposed to passing an SQL query from an application ?

A stored procedure is pre-loaded in memory for faster execution. It allows the DBMS control of permissions for security purposes. It also eliminates the need to recompile components when minor changes occur to the database.

Q: – What is Sybase ?

Sybase exclusively focuses on mobilizing and managing information. It is known to be the third largest database management company after Oracle and IBM. Sybase products on Investment banking are well known to the world over and it offers many customized solutions for business intelligence.

Q: – State some of the products of Sybase?

Sybase has worlds leading products some of them are

– Avantgo
– Power builder and power designer
– SQL ianywhere
– Sybase IQ
– Sybase replication server
– Sybase RTE
– Sybase data federation
– Main frame connect

Q: – What is the difference in storage type of numeric and decimal data types in sybase ?

The numeric and decimal types are identical in all respects but one: Only numeric types with a scale of 0 can be used for the IDENTITY column.

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