SUN Solaris Interview Questions and Answers part 2


Q: – What command will display the VTOC for disk c0t0d0s0?

prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0

Q: – What is the difference between container and zones?

Zones: A zone is a virtual operating system abstraction that provides a secured environment where applications run.The applications are protected from each other to provide software fault isolation.

Container: zone + resource management The ability to control resource usage for processes,task and zones.Resources can be CPU level,RAM,virtual memory,Kernel level tables etc.

Q: – What are LDOMS?

Sun Logical Domains or LDoms is a full virtual machine that runs an independent operating system instance and contains virtualized CPU, memory, storage, console, and cryptographic devices. This technology allows you to allocate a system resources into logical groupings and create multiple, discrete systems, each with their own operating system, resources, and identity within a single computer system. We can run a variety of applications software in different logical domains and keep them independent of performance and security purposes. The LDoms environment can help to achieve greater resource usage, better scaling, and increased security and isolation.

Q: – What is the use of Growfs utility in solaris

Growfs is generally used for expanding storage capacity of volume with existing data.

Q: – What is the use of ufsdump command  in solaris

To take backup of a filesystem.
ufsdump ouf <Filesystem name>

Q: – What file controls system wide password aging?

/etc/shadow file contain the user password information,/etc/default/passwd whith the help of this file we can set the password parameters

Q: – What does fmthard do?

fmthard is tools for copy VTOC (Virtual table of contents)one Hard drive to other Hard  drive

Q: – Which command display diagnostics in ok boot prompt?

– Diagnostic Test Commands

1) watch-net   % To check network connections
2) test net    % To test network conection
3) probe-scsi  % To find the devices attached to SCSI BUS.

Q: – How can i disable STOP+A utility on SUN machines, which brings system into OK> prompt?

There are several ways to disable "STOP-A"
(1)Edit the /etc/default/kbd file
(2)Use the "kbd -a disable" command
(3) Edit /etc/system file
set abort_enable = 0

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