Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Installation Steps with Screenshots


Red hat has recently released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL 7) Operating system.  Some of the Changes in RHEL 7 are listed below as compare with RHEL 6 .

  • Default root file system is XFS
  • Linux 3.10 kernel.
  • A new systemctl command replaces chkconfig and service, although scripts allow you to still use the legacy commands.
  • Docker: The biggest new addition to RHEL 7 is tight integration of Docker, the explosively popular application-virtualization technology.
  • Boot-loader GRUB2
  • Samba 4.1 and BTRFS makes an appearance

In this article we will go through the installation steps of RHEL 7, we will be installing using DVD or ISO file .

Step:1 Download the Binary DVD ISO File

Only the registerd users & who have the subscription on redhat portal can download the iso file of RHEL7.

Use the link “Download RHEL 7 Binary Dvd iso file” Once you have download the ISO file , Burn the ISO file to DVD media or create bootable USB media as per requirement.

Step:2 Boot the system from the bootable disk and select ‘Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0′ as shown below :


Step:3 Select the language that will be used during installation


Click on Continue…

Step:4 Set Customize installation options:


  • Adjust Date & Time, Keyboard, and Language Support preferences under Localization.
  • Modify Installation Source, Software Selection, and Network Configuration options under Software.
  • Under System : I have created customize partition table by clicking on the Installation Destination , preview of my customize partition table shown below :


Now Finally click on ‘Begin Installation’

Step:5 Set the root password & Create a system user


As we can see above installation has started. Once the installation is completed it will ask for reboot.

Step:6 Reboot the Machine , after installation is completed :


click on Reboot

Step:7 Console after OS Installation