Redhat Linux Interview Questions and Answers part 5


Q: – If some one deletes /boot directory from your server, than what will happen?

In that case your server will be in unbootable state. Your Server can’t boot without /boot directory because this directory contains all bootable files

 Q: – What is the location of log files for CUPS?

The log files for the CUPS printing system are located in the /var/log/cups/ directory.

 Q: – What is YUM?

YUM stands for Yellow dog Updater, Modified because it is based on YUP, the Yellow dog Updater. Where does the name Yellow dog come from? Yellow Dog is a version of Linux for the Power Architecture hardware and is RPM-based, just like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora. YUP, and later YUM, were written by the Linux community as a way to maintain an RPM-based system.

Q: – How you will install software by YUM?

yum install <pkgname>

Q: – Which option is required to assume the answer "yes" to any questions asked during installation of package dependencies for YUM?

The "-y" option is used to assume the answer "yes".
For Example
yum -y install squid

Q: – What does /dev directory contain?

The /dev directory contains all device files that are attached to system or virtual device files that are provided by the kernel.

Q: – What are the advantages of YUM?

– Automatic resolution of software dependencies.
– Multiple software locations at one time.
– Ability to specify particular software versions or architectures.

 Q: – How to remove a software by YUM?

yum remove <pkgname>

 Q: – What is the role of udev daemon?

The udev demon used to create and remove all these device nodes or files in /dev/ directory.

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