pam_tally2 command – lock & unlock ssh failed logins in linux



pam_tally2 command is used to lock and unlock ssh failed logins in linux like operating system. To implment a security feature  like a user’s account must be locked after  a number of failed login attempts . We can achieve this security via pam module called pam_tally2. This module  can display user’s login attempts,set counts on individual basis, unlock all user counts.

pam_tally2 comes in two parts: and pam_tally2. The former is the PAM module and the latter, a stand-alone program. pam_tally2 is an  application which can be used to interrogate and manipulate the counter file

In this article we will discuss how to lock and unlock user’s account after reaching a fixed number of failed ssh attempts in RHEL 6.X  / CentOS 6.X

By default pam_tally2 module is already installed in linux. To set the lock and unlock rules, edit  the  two files :  ‘/etc/pam.d/system-auth‘ & ‘/etc/pam.d/password-auth‘ and add the below line  at the starting of auth section in both the files

auth        required  file=/var/log/tallylog deny=3 even_deny_root unlock_time=120

And then add the below line in the account Section in both the files

account     required


Sample File of /etc/pam.d/system-auth


Sample File of /etc/pam.d/password-auth


whereas :

  • file=/var/log/tallylog – Default log file whic keep login counts.
  • deny=3 – Deny access after 3 attempts and lock down user.
  • even_deny_root – Policy is also apply to root user.
  • unlock_time=1200 – Account will be locked till 20 Min after that it will be unlocked

Now Try to Login linux box with incorrect password :


Now check user’s login attempts using pam_tally2 Command

[root@localhost ~]# pam_tally2 -u nextstep4it
Login           Failures Latest failure     From
nextstep4it         3    06/14/14 02:01:25

Now reset or unlock user’s account’s using pam_tally2 command :

[root@localhost ~]# pam_tally2 --user nextstep4it --reset
Login           Failures Latest failure     From
nextstep4it         4    06/14/14 02:20:42

Now Verify the login Attempt is reset or not

[root@localhost ~]# pam_tally2 --user nextstep4it 
Login           Failures Latest failure     From
nextstep4it         0


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