PAC Manager alternative to SecureCRT & Putty in Ubuntu Linux


Overview :

PAC (Perl Auto Connector) is an open source secure connection manager with automations. PAC is the alternate or replacement of SecureCRT/Putty in the  the Linux world. It provides a GUI to configure SSH/Telnet connections: users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros, etc.

Some of the Important Features :
  • Simple GUI to manage/launch connections to remote machines.
  • Configurable [Pre|Post]-connection local commands execution.
  • Ability to connect to machines through a Proxy server!
  • CLUSTER connections.
  • TABBED/WINDOWED terminals
  • Wake On LAN capabilities

Installation Steps of PAC on Ubuntu 12.04 / Ubuntu 13.04 / Ubuntu 14.04

Step:1 Download the debian package of PAC.

$ sudo wget

Step:2 Now Install the PAC Debian package

$ sudo dpkg -i pac-

Above command will not install pac package completely as it requires lot of other dependencies. So to resolve  this problem, run the command mentioned in step3

Step:3 Install the PAC dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install -f

After installing all the dependencies, pac manager is Now installed successfully.

Step:4  Access PAC Manager

Open the terminal Type : $ sudo pac




Step:5 Now Add the Servers

Click On —> Create New Group —> In My Case (NSIT) is Group Name.

Now Select NSIT Group —> then click on New Connections, enter name and click OK



Step:6 Access the Server

Double Click on mail1 which is under NSIT group.  If all the credentials are correct which is mentioned in above step , then we will get the server console like below