Oracle iplanet Web Server Interview Questions & Answers


Q:- Where can I find the CLI for Web Server 7.0.9 administration?

The administration CLI is located at install-root/bin/wadm.

Q:- How to Resetting the Administration Password?

Open a command prompt terminal and navigate to install-root/bin/wadm directory and type the following command to reset the password:

./wadm reset-admin-password.

You will be prompted to type the new admin password. Type the password again to confirm. Restart the server in order for the password to take effect. Then use the new password to login to the server.

Q:- how to create a configuration for Oracle iplanet web server?

To create a new Configuration, perform the following tasks:

Click the Configuration tab. .

Click the New button.

The wizard guides you through the settings available for creating a Configuration.

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