Networking Protocols Interview Questions & Answers


Q: – Explain the functionality of PING.

Ping Is particularly used to check if the system is in network or not. It also gives packet lost information. In windows ping command is written as ping ip_address. The output returns the data packets information. The number of packets sent, received and lost is returned by PING.

Q: – What is multicasting?

Multicasting allows a single message to be sent to a group of recipients. Emailing, teleconferencing, are examples of multicasting. It uses the network infrastructure and standards to send message.

Q: – What is Telnet ?

Telnet is the main Internet protocol for creating a connection to a remote server.

Q: – Explain token ring technology.

In this technology, all the devices are arranged in a circle. A token moves around the circular network. A device waits for the token before it sends its frame. Once it receives token, it initiates transmission of its frame.

Q: – What is NetBIOS protocol?

NetBIOS (Network Basic Input/Output System) Protocol allows applications on separate computers to communicate over a LAN. It runs over TCP/IP giving each computer in the network a NetBIOS name and IP address. E.g. It can be used for computers running Windows 2000 (or before) to join a computer network running Windows 2000 (or later).

Q: – What is TCP / IP protocol?

Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol: – It is a family of protocols used for communication and connection between hosts on the internet. It is the most widely used standard for transmitting data over the internet. The four layers in the protocol are (from bottom to top):- Physical layer, Data link layer, Network layer, transport layer and application layer, also called as the OSI model. In TCP/IP , IP is responsible for forwarding packets while TCP ensures the correct delivery of data from client to server. TCP detects loss of data as well.

Q: – What is NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)?

NNTP or Network News Transfer Protocol is used to manage the notes posted on Unset newsgroup (a collection of posted notes on a subject posted by different users). NNTP servers are responsible for managing Usenet newsgroup collected globally. A NTTP client is a part of the web browser also called as a news reader. It uses a reserver port no 119.

Q: – What is SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)?

SNMP or Simple Network Management Protocol is typically used for managing the network. Managing the network includes managing the nodes present in the network. These nodes may be server, routers, bridges and hubs. SNMP agents are used to achieve this. Managing the network is essential because it helps to monitor network performance, detect network faults or failures, audit network usage etc. the SNMP messages like TRAP, GET or SET may be invoked by network elements or network management system.

Q: – What is Routing table?

A routing table stores the routes of the various nodes in a network. Nodes can be any electronic device connected to the network. The table is usually stored in a router or the network computer as a database or file. This information helps to fond the best possible path. The routing table has at least 3 fields: the destination network id, cost of the path, next hop or address to send the packet.

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