L2 / L3 Linux System Admin Interview Questions


Q: – How to increase the size of KVM IMG file ?

Q: – Explain page in and page out in OS memory management ?

Q: – How to check the perfromance of NFS server in Linux ?

Q: – How to check NFS server's version ?

Q: – What is the main difference between root_sqush and no_root_squash in NFS ?

Q: – What is rpc and its role in nfs ?

Q: – What is use if sar command and location sar log files.

Q: – What is use of vmstat and explain its output & log files?

Q: – What is Network bonding and how to check status of bonding ?

Q: – What are the steps to configure network bonding in linux ?

Q: – Define the role of Luci and Ricci in redhat cluster suite ?

Q: – What is multipathing and why is it required ?

Q: – what is iostat , describe its output and log files ?

Q: – What is the difference of 2.4 and 2.6 kernel ?

Q: – What are difference between ext3 and ext4

Q: – What server need to check first – physical memory is not fully utilized but swap is  fully utilized and  physical memory is fully utilized but swap  memory is free and why ?

Q: – What is chroot env in ftp and how enable chroot for ftp ?

Q: – How to scan luns on the server?

Q: – Difference between raid 3 & raid 5?

Q: – How to execute cron every 5 min from Monday to Friday?

Q: – How to check the machines status in vcs?

Q: – How to extend disk space in vcs?

Q: – Difference between -L & -l in lvcreate command ?

Q: – What activity will run in background if failover of one node occurs ?

Q: – What is "Split Brain" in cluster & is it visible in storage ?

Q: – What is dom0 in Xen ?

Q: – What is POST in Linux Booting Process ?

Q: – What is initrd or ramdisk and use of initrd while booting ?

Q: – What is soft & hard zoning ?

Q: – What is wwpn & wwnn ?

Q: – How Can we check the front & back ports on emc storage server through command line or gui   ?

Q: – How can emc server be accessed through CLI   ?