My interview in Gurgaon with Mindtree.


To be very frank, no body likes the interview process , and especially the person who is being interviewed.One has to be at his/her best behaviour.One gets only one shot at the selection process.From college pass out to a mid-level experienced professional , i have faced around 20-25 interviews.But again hard work by preparing for every interview surely pays off.I am jotting down my experiences with MINDTREE gurgaon.

My profile being a 5+ years exp guy on java/j2ee , the companys screening process consisted of 3 round of interviews – Technical/Managerial/HR

Technical Interviewer: Please briefly describe yourself.
Myself: A word of caution for this particular question .Dont describe your personal life , limit the answer to relevant facts about education , career and current job profile.

Technical Interviewer: He asked me Questions ranging from basic Object Oriented Questions to latest trends in the market.
Myself: I explained each and every answer confidently.I had also prepared for technical interviews from various technical Questionares.

Technical Interviewer:Since the company is looking for the following skill sets Hot frameworks like Struts, Spring, Hibernate will be added advantage.They asked various questions on the topics.
Myself: I tried to Explain all that i had learned as a part of my 5 year developed skillsets.

Technical Interviewer:Since Knowledge of one rdbms is necessary. Queries on rdbms concepts , and design patterns are also a part of the interviewers Questionnaire.
Myself: Tried to Explain and satisfy the interviewer on every Question asked , even though i am week in RDBMS , I managed to  satisfy  the interviewer as only basic concepts were asked.

Technical Interviewer: Knowhow of tools for various phases of software development project – eg IDE – Eclipse, UML – staruml, Unit testing-junit, Version control – svn, build – maven, Defect tracker – Jira, Continues integration – Hudson, Appserver – tomcat/jboss/websphere/weblogic.

I passed the technical interview round.

Managerial Interviewer:Why are you looking for a JOB change.
Myself: Stay positive be as brief as possible, I explained my views on career advancement, get to a meaninful position in the company.

Managerial Interviewer: Asked me basic questions on project management and work management skills.
Myself: I explained my thoughts on work management skills , as i had little idea about project management , i told the truth to the interviewer

Managerial Interviewer: Any idea about what Services portifolio MINDTREE offers.?
Myself: Do your prior homework.I told them that i have heard good outlook in the market about its Management.and also described the portfolio of Mindtree.

After passing the managerial round , i was sent for 1 final HR Round.

HR Interviewer: He just tried to check if i am stable resource.If i am trustworthy.Verified my Background , and finally Salary negotiations
Myself: Salary negotiations was the best and the easiest part.

As of now Mindtree offered me a good hike , and i am planning to join the company.