How to install FileZilla in Ubuntu 15.04?


FileZilla is a powerful, free and popular FTP Client which is widely used by Web designers, web developers, Administrators and many others. Basically Filezilla is used to upload your website site files to web server. It is very easy to install and configure.

Step by Step installation of FileZilla

Open your Ubuntu Software Center as shown in below image or follow the path : Go to Applications —> Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center
Ubuntu Software Center

in search box, Just type word “filezilla” as shown in below image without double quotes.


FileZilla Installation
FileZilla Installation

Now click on install button, you will get a password prompt & type your user password for installation confirmation.

After installation to run filezilla ftp client :  Go to  Applications –> Internet –> FileZilla.

Click on filezilla, Configure filezilla with your server details and start uploading files to web server or any server.

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