DOT NET Interview Questions & Answers part 2


Q: – What Is XML?

XML is a way to represent structured data. Just like HTML, XML uses tags to enclose each piece of data. Unlike HTML, however, with XML you pick the names for each tag so that they are appropriate for your own dataset. One big advantage of XML is that the data contained in XML files is “self-describing,” because each data element is enclosed in HTML-like tags that give contextual clues about the data.

Q: – What Is XSL?

The eXtensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) is used to transform XML files into HTML, new and differently formatted XML files, text files, or other formats.

Q: – I want to add a custom method to my typed dataset. How should I do this?

Don’t modify the automatically generated file itself because Visual Studio could rewrite it when you modify the source XML Schema. Instead, create a new class derived from the automatically generated class with your custom methods.

Q: – I store all my application data using XML. Can I still use the techniques presented in the last part of this chapter?


Q: – Which UDDI provider should I use to publish my Web Service?

Choosing a UDDI provider is only a matter of personal preference. All UDDI providers share the same database of information. After you make a UDDI entry in one provider, the entry propagates to all other UDDI providers within a short amount of time.

Q: – Can malicious users read my configuration files and find out confidential information about my Web site?


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