Difference between soft links & hard links in Linux

Soft Link A soft link (symbolic link or a symlink) makes it possible to associate one file with another. It is similar to a shortcut...

cpio command – copies, lists & extracts files to and from archives

Linux/UNIX cpio (copy in/out) command copies, lists, and extracts files to and from a single file or archives. Some of the options available with...

Check successful & unsuccessful user login attempts in linux

For Linux System admins it is very important to know successful & unsuccessful user login attempts on their Linux boxes. In this post we...

10 Sed (Stream Editor) Command Examples

Overview : Sed is a stream editor in UNIX like operating system which is used for filtering and transforming text. Sed is derived originally from...

SCP (Secure Copy) Command Tutorial with Practical Examples

Overview : This tutorial will help the system administrators to know how to securely copy files to remote linux servers from local linux machine &...
Linux & Unix Commands

Echo Command with Practical Examples

echo command is built in shell command , which used to display the value of a variable or print a line of text.  Echo...
Linux & Unix Commands

Backtick (`) symbol in Linux Shell Scripting

One of the most useful features of shell scripts is the lowly back quote character, usually called the backtick (`) in the Linux world....
Linux & Unix Commands

LVM Snapshot : Backup & restore LVM Partition in linux

An LVM snapshot is an exact mirror copy of an LVM partition which has all the data from the LVM volume from the time...
Linux & Unix Commands

Working with Vim editor (Text Editor)

If you're working in command line mode, you may want to become familiar with at least one text editor that operates in the Linux...

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