C Interview Questions & Answers part 4

Q: – What is the Double LinkedList?

Double Linked List is that each data item in the list can point both side(next or previous)data item.It is not specific type means it may be of stack or queue.This is use to increase the performance of program.It is also called as Two-way Linked List or Symmetrically Linked list.

Q: – What can the null character do?

The null character (‘\0’) in C can be used to mark the end of a string.

Q: –Can a global variable be hidden by a local variable with block scope?


Q: – What are the left and right values?

The left value is the address of a variable, and the right value is the content stored in the memory location of a variable.

Q: –How can you obtain the address of a variable?

By using the address-of operator, &.

 Q: – What is difference between visual c++ & ANSI c++ ?

Visual C++ is probably the most popular favored compiler, because of it's history of quality and stablity.But in ANSI C++ is a less popular, but is a much more powerful and robust compiler. The IDE is also a lot more powerful than MSVC.

Q: –Can a null pointer point to valid data?

No. A null pointer cannot point to valid data. This is because the value contained by a null pointer has been set to 0.

Q: –Why do we need function prototypes?

With the help of a function prototype, the compiler can automatically perform type checking on the definition of the function, which saves you time in debugging the program.

Q: – What are the advantages of high-level programming languages?

Readability, maintainability, and portability

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