Apache-Tomcat Interview Questions & Answers


Q:- What is Tomcat?

Tomcat is a Java Servlet container and web server from Jakartha project of Apache software foundation. A web server sends web pages as response to the requests sent by the browser client. In addition to the static web pages, dynamic web pages are also sent to the web browsers by the web server. Tomcat is sophisticated in this respect, as it provides both Servlet and JSP technologies. Tomcat provides a good choice as a web server for many web applications and also a free Servlet and JSP engine. Tomcat can be used standalone as well as behind other web servers such as Apache httpd.

Q:- What is Jasper?

Jasper is a program to read the .class files in binary format. This program can generate ASCII files , which can be used along with Jasmin Assembler. Jasper is intended for generating input into a class file browser which can produce the hierarchy of inheritance and composition maps from the .class files.

Q:- Explain the concepts of Tomcat Servlet Container.

  • Tomcat Servlet Container is a servlet container. The servlets runs in servlet container.
  • The implementation of Java Servlet and the Java Server Pages is performed by this container.
  • Provides HTTP web server environment in order to run Java code.
  • Reduces garbage collection
  • Native Windows and Unix wrappers for platform integration

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