Windows Interview Questions and Answers part 2

Q: – Why doesn’t LSDOU work under Windows NT?

If the NTConfig.pol file exist, it has the highest priority among the numerous policies.

Q: – If hashing is one-way function and Windows Server uses hashing for storing passwords, how is it possible to attack the password lists, specifically the ones using NTLMv1?

A cracker would launch a dictionary attack by hashing every imaginable term used for password and then compare the hashes.

Q: –What’s the difference between guest accounts in Server 2003 and other editions?

More restrictive in Windows Server 2003.

Q: – What hashing algorithms are used in Windows 2003 Server?

RSA Data Security’s Message Digest 5 (MD5), produces a 128-bit hash, and the Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA-1), produces a 160-bit hash.

Q: – What third-party certificate exchange protocols are used by Windows 2003 Server?

Windows Server 2003 uses the industry standard PKCS-10 certificate request and PKCS-7 certificate response to exchange CA certificates with third-party certificate authorities.

Q: –Where are group policies stored?


Q: –What is GPT and GPC?

Group policy template and group policy container.

Q: –What’s the number of permitted unsuccessful logons on Administrator account?

Unlimited. Remember, though, that it’s the Administrator account, not any account that’s part of the Administrators group.

Q: –How many passwords by default are remembered when you check "Enforce Password History Remembered"?

User’s last 6 passwords.

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