Ubuntu 13.10 Desktop Installation Guide Step by Step

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Ubuntu 13.10 is also known as the Saucy Salamander, Ubuntu is most popular open source or free operating system for your desktop and Servers. In this tutorial we will learn how to install ubuntu 13.10 on your personal desktop or laptop.

Requirements :

First  download the ISO file according to your desktop or laptop arachiecture  from  the  url ‘http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop‘. In my case i am using 64 bit. Now burn the downloaded ISO file in to a blank DVD and boot the your Desktop or Laptop with DVD and Follow the below steps as shown below :

Installation Steps :

Step:1 Below Screen will appear when we boot Laptop or Desktop from bootable DVD / CD


Step:2 Select ‘Install Ubuntu


Step:3 Click on ‘Continue‘ as shown below


Step:4 Select the Installation type, in my case i am am using ‘Erase disk & install ubuntu‘ and click on ‘Install Now’


Step:5 Select your Respective Location and Click on ‘continue


Step:6 Select your respective ‘Keyboard Layout’ & Click on ‘Continue’


Step:7 Enter User Name and Password & Set Computer Name(Hostname) and Click on ‘Continue’


Step:8 Installation of Ubuntu 13.10 Started as shown below


Step:9 Installation completed & ‘Restart‘ your Machine


Step:10 At Login Prompt Just enter the credentials of the user that we have created while installation


Step:11 Below Screen will appear after entering the credentials.


Installation Is completed successfully and now enjoy Ubuntu 13.10 :)

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