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How To Edit Images in Ubuntu

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It  is  used  to  edit  and
 manipulate  images. It can load and save a variety of image formats and
 can be used to convert between formats.


GIMP can also be used as a paint program. It features a set of  drawing

and  painting  tools  such as airbrush, clone, pencil, and paint brush.


Painting and drawing tools can be applied to an image with a variety of paint modes.  It also offers an extensive array of selection tools like  rectangle, ellipse, fuzzy select, bezier select, intelligent  scissors,and select by color.

To Install and edit images using gimp follow the below steps:


Step 1: First We need to install gimp package



Step 2: Now start the gimp application :


Goto---> Applications---->Graphics ---> Select GIMP Image Editor



Step 3: When gimp started it will look like below :




Step 4: Now goto File Tab and select open  , it will ask for the file to be opened in gimp , as shown in the below :



Step: 5 Now we can edit above image using gimp as per our requirements.

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