Configure Juniper Network Switch Backup To Remote FTP Server


JUNOS Command Line interface allows the network admin  to export or save the configuration file into an FTP server and to import or restore it back to the switch. The filename created on the FTP server  will contain hostname, date and time signature.

Login To Your Network Switch .

Enter to Edit Mode, then Run Below command :

root@network-switch# set system archival configuration transfer-on-commit archive-sites "ftp://network-switch@" password "*******"

Above command will take the backup of all  current configuration of n/w switch  to a ftp server. When Any modification are done on the switch , then backup will happen automatically in future.

Sample  File of Backup will look like below


Note: To backup the config file on time interval, we can also replace the 'transfer-on-commit' statement with the statement 'transfer-interval' with specifying interval in range of 15 to 2880 minutes.

To Restore Configuration File From FTP Server

Login to your  Switch , enter into the Edit Mode and RUN below commands :

Step:1 user@switch# edit system archival configuration

Step:2 Now Load the backup file

user@switch# load merge  ftp://username:password@<ftp-ip-address>/switch_juniper.conf.gz_20130201_141543

We should get like "load complete"

Note : The content on the ASCII file on the FTP server will be merged with the existing configuration on the switch. To replace the config file on the switch with the loaded file, use the 'replace' statement instead of 'merge'