SUN Solaris Interview Questions and Answers part 4


Q: – What are the main differences between solaris 10 and 9

The main difference in solaris 9 & solaris 10 is "SMF(Solaris Management Facility)". In solaris 9, if any service goes down then we should restart all services this is the disadvantage. But in solaris 10,if any service goes down then that particular service we can select and enable it instead of restarting all services.

Q: – What is OBP and how do you access it?

Open boot Prom this is 0 run level in solaris
stop+A or in command mode init 0
OBP-OpenBootProm is a firmware which is placed on the sun
machine's prom chip.
it is a os independent user interface to deal with the sun
machine's hardware components.
to access it press stop+A (combination) from keybord.

Q: – What is LOM and how do you access it?

Lights out management is the abbrevation and some of the Sun severs a use this fecility to emotly operate the Sun sever by conneting a rollover cable from LOM port to a laptop. There is no need to turn on the server , but if the server is just powered , you can connect the laptop to the LOM port and operate the conected Server. you have to inert the ip address of the LOM port in the IE and by this way you can acess the Server to operate it…

Q: – What are the different phases in boot process?

Boot phases of Solaris Operating Environment are:

a.boot PROM
b.boot programs like bootblk,ufsboot
c.kernel initialization like loading modules
d.init phase

Q: – How to find 32 or 64 bit system instances of OS?

isainfo –b

Q: – What is the command to do an interactive boot from the ok prompt?

stop+a command is to boot an interactive boot from the ok prompt

Q: – What command will display the VTOC for disk c0t0d0s0?

prtvtoc /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0

Q: – Give the command that will display your default boot device?

eeprom boot-device

Q: – What is the command can reconfigure devices with out reboot?


Q: – Which NFS daemons are found on the NFS server?

In NFS server side there are 4 Deamons They are

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