Shutter – Screenshot Tool in Ubuntu Linux


Shutter is a screenshot tool in ubuntu linux. With the help of shutter we can take the screenshot of a particular area, window and full screen . We can apply different effects on screenshot image and can upload image file to image hosting site directly.

Features of Shutter :
  • It allows us to take screenshot of Whole Desktop , specified area or rectangular area.
  • It allows us to take screenshot with specified delay time
  • It allows to save screenshot image files as gif,png ,jpg, tiff lot more.
  • It allows us to upload image files directly to image hosting site.
  • It generate thumbnails when we take screenshot & set the size level in %
  • It allows to print & delete screenshots.
  • It can also edit screenshot images using embedded drawing tool

In this post we will discuss how to install & use shutter in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS & 14.10

Installation of Shutter from the Command Line

Open the Terminal , type below apt-get command.

 $ sudo apt-get install shutter

Installation of Shutter from Synaptic Package Manager

Open the Synaptic Package Manager , search shutter as shown below


Select shutter , click on ‘Mark for installation’ then click on Apply…

Once the Installation is finished now access the Shutter. To access shutter open the terminal and type : shutter or you can use below step


Click on Shutter icon ….


To take the screenshot , click on Selection icon & select the area you want to capture and press enter to take screenshot.


To Edit the Image file Click on Edit icon , after making changes click on Save.