SAP Interview Questions & Answers


Q: – What is SAP ?

SAP is software that built up in the year 1972 by Five German Engg., as they were working in IBM, SAP (System, Application, And Product In DataProcessing) is Worlds largest ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning) software.

Q: – What is ERP?

ERP is a package with the techniques and concepts for the integrated management of business as a whole, for effective use of management resources, to improve the efficiency of an enterprise. Initially, ERP was targeted for manufacturing industry mainly for planning and managing core business like production and financial market. As the growth and merits of ERP package ERP software is designed for basic process of a company from manufacturing to small shops with a target of integrating information across the company.

Q: – What are the types of ERP ?

1.Horizantal ERP (Horizantal ERP will fit for any sort of organization there is no industrial specific ex:SAP,ORACLE Apps)
2.Vertical ERP (Vertical ERP is Industrial specefic this will not fot for all types of industries ex:DTR(Plastic industy),Axis(Steel industry))

Q: – How many failover nodes are currently supported by MSCS/SAP?

The number of SAP cluster nodes is only limited by the maximum of cluster nodes supported by MSCS. For Windows Server 2003 the maximum is 8 cluster nodes which mean 7 failover nodes. When using the SAP Replication Server with a cluster configuration the number of nodes is currently limited by two nodes.

Q: – How can I initiate a failover on MSCS manually?

On MSCS, failovers can be initiated for testing purposes manually. You can open a command prompt a type in ?cluster res /FAIL?, or open the Cluster Administrator then right click on a resource and choose ?Initiate Failover?.

Q: – What SAP tools you use to install SAP patches?

SPAM is the sap tool used to install sap patches ,but if patches is less then 10MB at that time you will Run transaction SPAM , if patches greater then 10 MB at that time you have to UN car by using SAPCAR File name and after UNCAR put the file in /user/trans/directory.

Q: – Where to check for system logs of Sap application at os level?

The system Logs of SAP Application at OS Level can be checked at SAPMMC -> SAP Systems -> SID -> Syslog.

Q: – What are the .sca files and their importance?

.sca stands for SAP Component Archive. It use to deploy the java components,patches and other java developments in the form of .sca,.sda, .war and .jar.

Q: – How many transport request types are there?

Four types of transport requests

  • customizing request
  • Workbench request
  • transport of copies
  • relocation

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