Samba Interview Questions & Answers part 3


Q: – How Does a Workstation find its Domain Controller?

There are two different mechanisms to locate a domain controller: one method is used when NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled and the other when it has been disabled in the TCP/IP network configuration. Where NetBIOS over TCP/IP is disabled, all name resolution involves the use of DNS, broadcast messaging over UDP, as well as Active Directory communication technologies.

Q: – Can Samba be a member of more than one workgroup at the same time?

No, Samba can be a member of only one workgroup.

Q: – What is SWAT?

SWAT is GUI Based administration tool for samba server.

Q: – Explain "write list" parameter used in smb.conf?

A list of users and/or groups that should be given write access even if the read only parameter has been enabled.


Q: – I am trying to use SWAT, but I keep getting the message There was no response. The server could be down or not responding. What is the problem?

The most likely cause is that SWAT is not listening to connections, or you have used the wrong URL in trying to connect to SWAT. SWAT usually lives behind port 901, so the URL you should use is http://ID_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER:901/

Q: – Can Samba Be a Backup Domain Controller to an NT4 PDC?


No. The native NT4 SAM replication protocols have not yet been fully implemented.

Q: – Explain "smbstatus" command?

The smbstatus utility displays information about connected users and currently locked files.

Q: – Is it possible for Samba to share file systems that have been mounted using NFS?

Yes. However, this can be problematic if the NFS server that provides the file system fails, causing the Samba server to hang. It is always safer to use Samba to share a local file system.

Q: – How Do I Replicate the smbpasswd File?

Replication of the smbpasswd file is sensitive. It has to be done whenever changes to the SAM are made. Every user's password change is done in the smbpasswd file and has to be replicated to the BDC. So replicating the
smbpasswd file very often is necessary.As the smbpasswd file contains plaintext password equivalents, it must not be sent unencrypted over the wire. The best way to set up smbpasswd replication from the PDC to the BDC is to use the utility rsync. rsync can use ssh as a transport. ssh itself can be set up to accept only rsync transfer without requiring the user to type a password.As said a few times before, use of this method is broken and awed. Machine trust accounts will go out of sync, resulting in a broken domain. This method is not recommended. Try using LDAP instead.

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