Redhat Linux Interview Questions and Answers part2

Q: – What command should you use to check the number of files and disk space used and each user's defined quotas?


Q: – What is the difference between LVM and RAID?

RAID provides redundancy but LVM doesn’t provide Redundancy.


Q: – What are LVM1 and LVM2?

LVM1 and LVM2 are the versions of LVM.
LVM2 uses device mapper driver contained in 2.6 kernel version.
LVM 1 was included in the 2.4 series kernels.

Q: – What is physical extent (PE)?

Each physical volume is divided chunks of data, known as physical extents; these extents have the same size as the logical extents for the volume group.

 Q:What is logical extent (LE)?

Each logical volume is split into chunks of data, known as logical extents. The extent size is the same for all logical volumes in the volume group.

 Q:What command is used to remove the password assigned to a group?

gpasswd -r

Q:What is Volume group (VG)?

The Volume Group is the highest level abstraction used within the LVM. It gathers together a collection of Logical Volumes and Physical Volumes into one administrative unit.

 Q:Explain LVM snapshot?

LVM snapshots allow the administrator to create a new block device which presents an exact copy of a logical volume, frozen at some point in time.

 Q:What can you type at a command line to determine which shell you are using?

echo $SHELL

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