Postfix Interview Questions & Answers part 2


Q: – Explain the working of local mail submission for postfix?

When a local email message enters the postfix system. Local messages are deposited into the maildrop directory of the Postfix queue by the postdrop command, usually through the sendmail compatibility program. The pickup daemon reads the message from the queue and feeds it to the cleanup daemon. The cleanup daemon processes all inbound mail and notifies the queue manager after it has placed the cleaned-up message into the incoming queue. The queue manager then invokes the appropriate delivery agent to send the message to its next hop or ultimate destination.

Q: – What are the benefits of using SMTP AUTH?

– Using SMTP AUTH we can make it possible for clients, colleagues, and ourselves to relay messages from everywhere in the world using only one (our) SMTP server.
Being a mobile user, we don't have to deal with the hassle to find a SMTP server that permits us to relay.
– We can make use of scripts and daemons that run on our server and provide services that we need e.g. server-side virus scanning.

Q: – by using postconf command, how you will set fully qualified hostname (

# postconf -e

The -e option tells postconf to edit the configuration with the parameters and values specified.

Q: – Which command checks for configuration problems?

# postfix check

Q: – How you will see the queue of postfix server?

#postqueue -p

Q: – How can I clear postfix mail server queue?

# postsuper -d ALL

Q: – How you will reload the postfix queue?

# postsuper -r ALL

Q: – Can postfix server configured with MySQL database?


Q: – which command is used to find out that postfix is complied with mysql or not?

# postconf -m


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