MySQL Interview Questions & Answers part 2


Q: – Explain the terms "mysqlimport", "mysqldump", "mysqladmin" and "mysqlcheck"?

mysqlimport for importing data files, mysqldump for making backups, mysqladmin for server administration, and mysqlcheck for checking the integrity of the database files.

Q: –How you will determine the options which are used by mysql?

#mysql –help

Q: –How you will determine the version of MySQL?

mysql –version

Q: – How you will connect to the server at a specific IP address with username and password?

mysql –host= –user=NAME –password=PASSWORD

Q: –What do you think about this command "mysql> STATUS;"

It will display information about the current connection to the server, as well as status information about the server itself.

Q: –Have you used this command "mysql> HELP contents;"?

Yes, You can get server-side help from this command.

mysql> HELP contents;

You asked for help about help category: "Contents"

For more information, type 'help <item>', where <item> is one of

the following categories:

Column Types
Data Definition
Geographic features

Q: – What is MySQL Query Browser?

The MySQL Query Browser is a graphical tool designed to provide a user friendly environment in which to construct and execute SQL statements.

Q: –Explain "AUTO_INCREMENT" attribute?

AUTO_INCREMENT attribute may be added to an integer column definition to create a column for which MySQL automatically generates a new sequence number each time you create a new row. There may be only one AUTO_INCREMENT column per table, the column must be indexed, and the column must be defined as NOT NULL.

Q: –What this command "mysqladmin status variables" will do?

This command will display a brief status message, followed by the list of server system variables.

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