Jboss Interview Questions & Answers


Q: – What is Jboss ?

JBoss is a popular open source application server based on JEE technology. Being JEE based, the JBoss supports cross-platform java applications. It was embedded with Apache Tomcat web server. It runs under any JVM of 1.3 or later versions. JBoss supports JNDI, Servlet/JSP (Tomcat or Jetty), EJB, JTS/JTA, JCA, JMS, Clustering (JavaGroups), Web Services (Axis), and IIOP integration (JacORB).

Q: – What's the difference between servlets and applets?

Servlets executes on Servers while Applets executes on browser, Unlike applets, servlets have no graphical user interface.

Q: – If you have defined a web service that needs to transfer quite a lot of information, how would you do ?

You might consider using an attachment to transfer the information.Jboss JAX-WS Web services provides Attachment support with MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) SOAP.

Q: – Does Seam run on other application servers besides JBoss ?

Seam runs beautifully on other application servers – just like everything else the Hibernate team does, this is not a JBoss-only thing.

Q: – How do you monitor JBoss and detect the bottleneck of an application?

Different components of the application are to be measured. This step is to find where the degradation is, whether it is external or internal and where is the appliciation spending all the time. Using Joss JMX agents and monitoring the deployed components to the application server involves in the first step. After finding the most of the time spent by specific components or libraries or most of the resources, one can use Jprobe a specialized tool for examining the single object or the objects loaded in the memory.

Q: – Describe the use of "instanceof" keyword.

"instanceof" keyword is used to check what is the type of object.

Q: – What is an Applet?

An applet is a small server side application that can be loaded and controlled on the browser by the client application. An applet has limited access to resources in order to ensure security.

Q: – What is JBoss cache ?

JBoss cache is a product. Frequently accessed Java objects are cached by utilzing JBoss cache to improve the performance of e-business applications. JBoss decreases the network traffic and increases the scalability of applications by eliminating unnecessary database acces.Fully transactional features and highly configurable set of options which are to deal with concurrent data access, are provided by JBoss cache in an efficient manner possible for the applications.

Q: – What is JBoss JBPM?

JBoss JBPM is a workflow and BPM engine. Enabling the creation of business processes that coordinates between people, applications and services is the functionality of BPM engine. The combination of workflow applications development with process design is a feature of JBoss jBPM. The business process is graphically represented to facilitate a strong link between the business analyst and technical developer. This feature is provided by the JBoss jBPM process designer.

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