My first interview in Delhi with Xavient technologies Ltd


Interviewer: Tell Us Something about your professional Career.
Myself: I explained my educational and all the companies i have worked with till now.

Interviewer: Tell us about your Personal Background.
Myself: I described in brief about the place i hailed from.

Interviewer: What are the duties you will discharge/
Myself: I explained thoroughly and waiting for his response

Interviewer has a detailed discussion about the technical aspects of my nature of Job.

After 2 rounds of Technical Interview , i was told that i was through with the technical round , and would have to appear for Next round of interview with the HR.

HR Interviewer: Why do you want to work with Our company ?
Myself: I replied that it's an MNC and good outlook about the company in the market.I have few friends in this company who told me that , this company is very employer friendly , provide's good learning oppurtunities.

HR Interviewer:What are your expectation's with the company?
Myself: Good Learning oppurtunities, Good Travelling Oppurtunite's

HR Interviewer: So you are not interested in Monetary growth.
Myself: Yes , but firstly i want a good profile on which i can learn more , improve myself and money come's second, However in today's senario Money is also improtant to survive in the Market.

HR Interviewer: OK, you are bright,  so i will forward your CV to our database and we will get back you soon.
Myself: Thank you sir, with great pleasure i look forward for this position

HR Interviewer: Sure. We are conducting interviews for 2 days. after that we will short list.
Myself:Thank you very much sir.