How To Install iTunes in Ubuntu Linux


Apple has not released or provided Linux/Unix version for iTunes yet. But using emulation software like PlayOnLinux , we can install iTunes software on Ubuntu Linux.

PlayOnLinux is a graphical tool to run windows-based applications(specially games ) on linux platform. The system provides wrapper shell scripts with a .pol filename extension which specify the configuration of Wine needed in order to install and run a particular application. PlayonLinux is basically a graphical frontend for Wine.

In this tutorials we are assuming that PlayonLinux is already installed on your Ubuntu Machine.

Installation Steps of  iTunes

Step:1  Download the itunes software from  the URL

Step:2  Now Access PlayOnLinux (Applications —> Games —> PlayOnLinux)

Follow the Instructions like mentioned new virtual drive Name..

PlayonLinux Install Menu

click on Install a  Non-Listed Program


Step:3 Browse the iTune Setup file , in my case I have used  64 bit iTunes


Click On Next , you will see the below screen.


Step:4  After clicking On Next , we will get the below screen



Click On Install

Step:5 Once we click on install , setup will copy all the necessary files , as  shown below


Step:6  Once the installation is completed successfully we will get the below screen, click on finish


Click on  Agree iTunes Software License.  A Short-cut will be created on your Desktop or you can access iTunes from PlayOnLinux