HP Unix Interview Questions and Answers part 2

Q: – How to change kernel parameter in 11.11 and 11.31

 in 11.31

#kctune parameter=value

before change the value check whether this parameter change required reboot or not

$kctune -v parameter

in 11.31

#kmtune parameter=value

Q: – How to check the mac address?


USe the above command to get the MAC address.

Q: – I updated my server; now it cannot find "/d_cfg_mnt_sb61/monitor_bpr" ?

 This is caused by having a mix of Ignite-UX fileset revisions on your server. In most cases it happens when you update only one release  (like Ignite-UX-11-23) even though you install other releases from that server.

An easy way to check for this case is to look at the output from the command swlist Ignite-UX. All the filesets should have the same revision; if not, then you need to install all consistent versions. If you have "boot helper" systems, they also need to have the Ignite-UX product updated to match the same revision as the server that they reference.

Q: – Can the Ignite-UX GUI for make_tape_recovery span multiple tapes?

No. We use pax as the tool to create the archive tape and there is no current communication between pax and the GUI to prompt the user on the GUI when pax requests a second tape. You need to use make_tape_recovery on the interactively client to be able to span multiple tapes.

Q: – Why do I get Warnings from pax concerning files that are not on the client when I run either make_tape_recovery or make_net_recovery ?

If files are removed from the client between the time the list of files to be archived is created and the time the files are actually archived, warnings are generated. For more information, refer to make_tape_recovery(1M) and make_net_recovery(1M).

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