HP Unix Interview Questions and Answers part 1


Q: – How to find recently added lun in hp unix box ?

#ls -lrt /dev/disk/*

then take the latest dated disk path and check th lun path

#inq |grep -i "c?t?d?"

if you got /dev/disk/c?t?d? then get the legacy path and tehn check for lun path

#ioscan -m dsf /dev/disk/c?t?d?
#inq |grep -i "c?t?d?"

Q: – What is HP-UX ?

HP-UX (Hewlett-Packard UniX) is Hewlett-Packard's proprietary implementation of the Unix operating system, based on UNIX System V (initially System III) and first released in 1984. Recent versions support the HP 9000 series of computer systems, based on the PA-RISC processor architecture, and HP Integrity systems, based on Intel's Itanium architecture.

Q: – How to check your HP Unix is 32-Bit or 64-Bit ?
Use getconf KERNEL_BITS , getconf KERNEL_BITS will return whether it is a 32 bit HP Unix or 64 bit HP Unix as shown below.

# getconf KERNEL_BITS

# getconf KERNEL_BITS

Q: – How to create user and to be ask change passwd at login ?

After created the user account and assign the password with the below command

#passwd -f user1

Q: – How to check routing table?

# cat /etc/rc.config.d/netconf


#netstat -rn

Q: – How to boot HP-UX Into Single User Mode ?
Interrupt the boot process when prompted by pressing [ESCAPE] key , we need to tell HP-UX box to boot primary, it should give you a prompt to interact with the ISL. You should reply 'y' to this. Once at ISL> prompt type hpux -is or hpux -iS /stand/vmunix to boot into single user mode.

Q: – The bootsys command fails due to insufficient space in the /stand volume. Why?
The bootsys commands needs to copy the two files:
# /opt/ignite/boot/Rel_<release>/*INSTALL
# /opt/ignite/boot/Rel_<release>/*INSTALLFS

where <release> is the operating system release, from the server into the client's /stand directory. This error indicates that there is not enough space in /stand on the client. To correct the error, you may need to remove any backup kernels. Additionally, check for kernels in the /stand/build directory (like vmunix_test).

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