FTP Interview Questions & Answers part 1


Q: – What is FTP ?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. An FTP server allows clients to connect to it either anonymously or with a username and password combination. After successful authentication, files can be transferred back and forth between the server and client. The files are neither encrypted nor compressed.

Q: – How to deny specific users access to the FTP server ?

To deny specific users access to the FTP server, add their usernames to the /etc/vsftpd/ ftpusers file. By default, system users such as root and nobody are included in this list.

Q: – Can we create logs for ftp authenticated sessions ?

Yes, If the xferlog_enable directive in vsftpd.conf is set to YES, file transfers using the FTP protocol are logged to /var/log/xferlog. Information such as a time stamp, IP address of the client, the file being transferred, and the username of the person who authenticated the connection is included in the log entry.

Q: – What is meaning of max_clients parameter ?

Maximum number of clients that can connect at one time. If set to 0, the number of clients is unlimited.

Q: – Is there any way to monitor clients connected to vsftpd?

Yes. We actually have two slightly different methods to monitor vsftpd clients. First, make sure you have enabled the config option, "setproctitle_enable=YES" like in our example above and restart your vsftpd server. Then run the command "watch ps -Cvsftpd -o user, pid, stime, cmd" to watch the processes including ip, username and actions like idle or data retrieval.

Q: – I want to copy multiple files with out prompting for any info, how can I do that one?

ftp -i ftpserver

Q: – Local users cannot log in. How to resolve this issue?

Check "local_enable=YES" in your /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd. conf to allow local users to log in.

Q: – For Redhat Linux or Fedora which package is required for FTP service ?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or FEDORA includes the vsftpd FTP service.
vsftpd-2.0.5-12.el5 (For Redhat)

Q: – Important Configuration file for vsftp server ?

The FTP server uses the /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf configuration file. Using this file, you can set options for displaying a custom banner message after users log in, setting the default file permissions for uploaded files, and setting the port on which to listen for incoming connections.

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