How to extend or increase the size of LVM partitions

LVM  stands for Logical Volume Manager. One of the biggest advantage of lvm partitions is  that we can extend  file-system size using lvextend command.

I am taking the example of /home partition which is lvm based , currently /home is of 5GB , We will extend the size to 7GB , means we have to  add 2GB space.

Steps to Extend the size of /home by 2GB


Step:1 Check the space using below command


Step:2  After extending the size of /home by 2GB, it should be 7GB.

Umount /home partition using below command

 [root@localhost ~]# umount /home/ 
Step:3 Extent the size by 2GB
#lvextend –L +2G /dev/mapper/VolGroup-LogVol101
 Step:4 Use resize2fs to resize the ext2,ext3 & ext4 file system


Use e2fsck command to check the file system as shown below


Now Mount /home using mount command and check the space using df command


Note : lvextend uses free space of the volume group for extending the size.To check the free size of volume group use vgs or vgdisplay command.

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