1. Usually this is not recommended because there’s a chance (however small it may be) that an attacker can either get your private key or guess your password and if you allow root logins through SSH then the attacker can basically do anything on your system (from installing keyloggers/malware/trojans/viruses to anything and everything).

    If this is also considered by Sysadmins as a means to manage a bunch of systems, simply don’t; there are other systems (ie chef and puppet) for that task more secure than what’s proposed here.

    It might be a good idea to put security first and convenience second.

  2. As a security precaution root login via ssh should only be allowed with keys and passphrase — never just the password — and access to the ssh server should only be allowed from pre-defined IP addresses eg the local LAN or selected Internet addresses using a firewall on the machine or on the router.