CentOS 6.4 Linux Installation Guide Step by Step

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Overview :

This tutorial will help the system administrators to install CentOS 6.4 linux on virtual machine & physical server. Whereas CentOS (Community Enterprise Operating System) is a Linux distribution which attempts to provide a free enterprise class computing platform which has 100% binary compatibility with its upstream source, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Note : First download the ISO files (http://centos.mirror.net.in/centos/6.4/isos/x86_64/) for your respective Server’s architecture and write the iso file to DVD.

Installation Steps:

Step:1  Set your Server’s BIOS to boot from CD / DVD.

Select Install or Upgrade existing system options as shown below :


Step:2 Select Skip media test


Step:3 Click on Next on welcome screen as shown below.


Step:4 Select English & click on Next.


Step:5 Select Appropriate keyboard ( U.S English in my Case).


Click on Next

Step:6   Select ‘Basic Storage Devices’ option

if you want to install OS locally on attached hard disk.


Click on Next

Step:7  Select “Yes , discard any data” Option as shown below


Step:8  Set the Host name and Click on “Configure Network

if you want to configure network during installation


Step:9 Select the Time Zone with respect your Region


Click on Next

Step:10 Set the Root Password


Click on Next

Step:11 Select the Install Type , in my i am using “Use All Space“.

If you want to create your own partition partition table , then select “Create Custom Layout” Option.


Click on Next

Step:12 Verify Partition Scheme and click on Next.


Step:13 Click On the Format.


Step:14 Click On “Write Changes to disk


Step:15 Set bootloader options.


Click on next

Step:16 Select the Software you want to Install , in my case i am using “Basic Server


Click On Next.

Note : If want to select the software manually , click on “Customize Now” and select your respective software.

Step:17 Installation Started as shown below


Step:18 Installation Completed , Reboot Your Server Now.


Step:19 Welcome Login Screen (Run Level 3).

Enter the user as root and enter password.


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2 Responses

  1. kishore says:

    installations is done.but how to login to graphical mode

    • NextStep4it says:

      Hi Kishore ,

      When you reboot the machine after the installation , it will start your machine in the graphical mode by default , use the root credentials that you have created during installation.

      If you are in CLI (Command Line Interface ) mode, run “startx” command from the command line to go in graphical mode.

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